BeagleY-AI Pinout


Orientate your BeagleY-AI with the GPIO on the right and the HDMI port(s) on the left.

(*) Denotes pins that differ in functionality on BeagleY-AI as compared to Raspberry Pi 4/5

MCU - R5 Microcontroller Subsystem Pins

The AM67A SoC Inside BeagleY-AI also features R5 MCU cores which are able to act independently of the Cortex A53 which normally run Linux.

You can use the R5 MCU to run Zephyr, MicroPython and much more without having to worry* about what other parts of the system are doing!

The pins shown in this section are connected directly to the MCU cores, however, you can control any system pin from any core at the expense of some small amount of latency.


  • Uses 9 GPIO pins